German Beet Treats

High Fiber Horse Treat with Beet Pulp, the #1 ingredient.  German Beet Treats are a perfect addition to your horse's regular diet and no soaking is required; feed them right out of the bag.  These muffins are dry and firm.

Stand-up Ziploc Pouch

Available in 1 or 6 Pounds
Elegant front for in-store display
Ziploc® closure for resealing

  1lb UPC Number: . . . . . 856519002222
  6lb UPC Number: . . . . . 856519002239

"Unbeetable" Health Benefits

Beet Pulp Advantages

"Super Fiber" due to its high digestibility and ease of fermentation

Supports horse's digestive system

High in Calories (same as oats or about a third higher than grass hay)

*  Excellent winter treat

Guaranteed Analysis

min 8.89% crude protein, min 1.99% crude fat, max 10.5% crude fiber, max 11.7% moisture, max 7.42% ash

made from fresh and whole grain ingredients, is a sweet and chewy indulgence for your horse's delight